Life is Better On An Electric Bike
Hassle-Free Parking with an Electric Bike

Electric bicycles are fast becoming a preferred mode of transportation in the United States and for a number of legitimate reasons.

First and foremost, it’s definitely a safer mode of getting around town than public transportation. The pandemic reminds us of the risks involved in taking the bus, subway, or even rideshares where we can’t adequately social distance from each other or may wonder if it’s been properly sanitized. Instead, electric bikes offer a no mask needed, wind in my hair outdoors experience that is a great substitute for public transportation.

An electric bicycle is a preferred method of transportation, especially in congested areas. Most communities have expanded their bike paths and share the road lanes to allow a cyclist to safely get around. So, not only are E-Bikes a no-sweat method of easily commuting back and forth to work, but you are also being kinder to the climate by riding an electric bike. And the electric bike components make virtually no noise so you have the experience of riding a bike without the physical effort.

Is parking your car a hassle in your city? Then jump on an electric bike. With the Life EV commuter bike models, you can easily zip around town to run your errands without having to look for parking or pay to park your car.

Electric bicycles are also ideal for beach communities. The Life EV Islander Beach Cruiser is designed specifically for traveling on the beach or boardwalk alike and provides an easy ride with hassle-free parking.

And what about exercise? Live EV Bikes can also be used as conventional bicycles with our Sram XR 8-speed derailleur. So get your exercise in by cycling on your electric bike and when you get tired, simply power up the electric components. Many physical therapists are recommending electric bikes for their patients for this very fact. Electric bicycles allow you to be active with the confidence of knowing you can always use the electric mode to get back home.

Hunters are also beginning to realize the benefit of electric bicycles. Both the Life EV Phantom RX E-Bike and Outlaw R 400 Hardtail Off Road MTB Electric Bike are excellent bicycles for quietly stalking your prey. The rugged knobby tires on the Life EV Electric Mountain Bike Series offer great traction on off-road trails and the front suspension fork provides a comfortable ride making these bikes a must for the outdoorsman.

Live EV is proud to offer a versatile line of powerful electric bicycles that are made in America from some of the highest quality bicycle components sourced globally. Every Life EV Bike comes with a full one year warranty. Inventory is in stock now and ships direct to you within 24 hours from the Life EV warehouse in Florida.

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