Life EV Electric Bicycles: Frequently Asked Questions

How do Life EV Electric Bikes work?

Life EV Electric bikes utilize an on-board battery and electric motor for power. Using a throttle or pedal assist system, the bicycle will be propelled forward.

Are Electric Bikes safe to operate?

Most electric bicycles do not exceed 20 mph. They are as safe as a traditional bicycle. All normal safety precautions should be followed when riding any bicycle.

How fast do Life EV Electric Bike go?

Some e-Bikes can reach speeds in excess of 50 mph. All of the Life EV Electric Bike models comply with the Federal speed limit of 20 mph.

What types of batteries are available? Which battery should I choose?

We have a downtube mounted battery system. Generally, you will find rear mounted battery systems on folding bike models and downtube battery systems on rigid bike models. Our downtube mounted battery comes in 36 volts with a 14.25 amp battery capacity.

How much does it cost to ride an electric bike?

It costs approximately $10 a year to power your Life EV Electric Bike if you commute 200 days a year. This is only pennies as compared to the same commute when using a motor vehicle.

Why choose Life EV products over our competitors?

Life EV not only cares about the environment, but we are also dedicated to keeping jobs in the USA. All Life EV electric bikes are designed and built in Deerfield Beach, FL, from quality, globally sourced components with brands like Samsung, SRAM, Avid, RockShox, Continental, Kenda and more. Building the bikes in the USA ensures a high level of quality and allows us to provide premier service and ensure that no counterfeit or sub-par components are used in the manufacturing of our e-Bikes.

Riding Your Life EV Electric Bicycle

How far can I travel on a single charge?

Most of our models are equipped with a 14.25Ah battery that can reach distances of up to 35 miles per charge depending on variables like rider weight, terrain and how much you pedal.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

The Life EV Electric Bicycle battery takes 4-8 hours depending on the capacity.

Can I ride my electric bicycle in the rain?

The Life EV Electric bike models are designed with increased water resistance, however it’s important to keep your eBike protected from water. As a safety precaution, you should avoid whenever possible riding any bicycle when raining for the following reasons:.

  • Riding a bicycle in the rain is like driving a car in the snow. You will not be able to stop as quickly and must leave a larger distance between you and the obstacles around you.
  • Your brakes will not perform at peak efficiency when they are wet.
  • You will not be able to turn as sharp without the danger of slipping. You must also ride away from or be cautious around painted lines, potholes, sewer or drain grates, railroad crossings, bridges, wet leaves and any other area with a slippery surface or wet terrain.

When riding your bicycle, keep an eye out for puddles and turn your lights on if you have them. If you live in an environment where rain riding is expected, you should install front and rear fenders if you have not already done so. Use a cover for your bicycle if leaving it outdoors. Extensive rain can seep into the controller and battery and cause water damage.

How do I get my Life EV Electric Bike serviced?

You may visit any bike shop nationwide for service on your bike. For additional assistance you can also call us at 1-800-897-1195.

Where can I buy Life EV Electric Bike accessories and additional parts?

You can call us at: 1-800-897-1195. to order parts over the phone. Also, Life EV Electric Bikes are compatible with a wide variety of aftermarket accessories in the market, which can be purchased online, or at any bike shop.

+ Get Special Offers From Life EV!

Get Special Offers From Life EV!