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Versatile Electric Bicycles and Folding E Bikes:

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Prodeco Electric Bicycles / E-Bikes: Latest in Electric Bicycle Technology

Prodeco Phantom X 36V 300W Electric Bicycle / e Bike

A legend in the electric bicycle industry, the Prodeco Phantom X is widely considered the most aggressive and affordable folding electric bike on the market.

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Prodeco Storm 36v 300W Electric Bicycle / e Bike

Aggressive, edgy and attractive, the Prodeco Storm 300 Electric Bicycle / e Bike features a pewter metallic finish.

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Prodeco Outlaw SS 2013 Electric Bicycle / e-Bike

The stunning Prodeco Outlaw SS Electric Bicycle / e-Bike, one of the first muscle e-bikes on the market, was born to become the newest American icon.

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Prodeco Phantom X2 36V 500W Electric Bicycle / e Bike

As stylish as it is powerful, the Prodeco Phantom X2 is considered by industry insiders to be the most aggressive and affordable folding electric bike on the market.

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Prodeco Storm 36v 500W Electric Bicycle / e Bike

Considered a mountain bike but with the added benefit of an electric throttle system, the bold and agile Prodeco Storm 500 is at home on the trails or riding around town.

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Prodeco Outlaw SE 2013 Electric Bicycle / e-Bike

Built with premium materials and technology, this elegant Prodeco e Bike Pearl White Metallic version of our highly anticipated Outlaw Series is tops out at 20 mph, which keeps it street-legal, but there’s no denying the power and performance of its 750-watt motor.

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Prodeco Phantom X3 36V 500W Electric Bicycle / e Bike

The X3 is newest member of the ProdecoTech Phantom line of E-bikes. The MTB Style X3 takes electric bicycles to a whole new level.

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Prodeco Oasis 48V 750W Electric Bicyle / e Bike Street Cruiser

The long awaited Prodeco Oasis Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle / E-bike is now available and set to make waves!

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Prodeco Stride Marine Ready Electric Bicycle / e-Bike

The Prodeco Stride R Electric / e-Bike took a full year to develop, but now you can step through with ease and saddle up for a fun ride across all types of terrain.

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Prodeco Titanio 29er 33V 420w 31.8 lbs Electric / e Bike

This Prodeco Electric Bicycle / E Bike is conceived, designed and built with premium materials and technology, and weighing in at a feathery 31.8 pounds.

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Prodeco 20 Inch Folding Electric Bicycle Mariner 7

The Prodeco Mariner 7 electric bicycle / e-bike offers riders an 8 speed drive train and a powerful 300 watt, free-spinning, front-mount motor, which delivers 500 watts at peak, that reaches speeds of up to 18 mph.

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Prodeco Genesis 500 Electric Bicycle / e Bike

Nimble and bold, you will love riding the brushed aluminum Prodeco Genesis 500 an Electric Bicycle / e Bike reaching speeds of up to 20 mph.

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Prodeco Stride R 500 White Electric Bicycle / e Bike

The Prodeco Electric Bicycle / E Bike Stride R step-through, rigid frame Electric Bicycle / e Bike brings new meaning to the term “ease of use.”

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Prodeco 20 Inch Folding Electric Bicycle Mariner Sport

Cruise along at speeds of up to 17 mph with The Prodeco Mariner Sport electric bicycle / e-bike free-spinning, 250-watt motor mounted to the front wheel, which delivers 500 watts at peak.

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Prodeco Phantom O 36V 300W Electric Bicycle / e Bike

Here’s your chance to own the special-edition Prodeco electric bike designed exclusively for 2012 Academy Award nominees.

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Prodeco Stride R 500 Black Electric Bicycle / e Bike

This black pearl metallic gloss version of the Prodeco Stride 500 is an e-bike that promises comfort and a smooth ride for all levels of riders.

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Prodeco 20 Inch Folding Electric Bicycle Mariner

With its brushed aluminum, satin clear finish and 20-inch rim frames, the Prodeco Mariner is one of the cleanest looking and most compact electric bicycles / e-bikes in its class.

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Prodeco Phantom X Lite 36V 300W Electric Bicycle / e Bike

Weighing in at a super-light 46 pounds, the eye-catching Prodeco Phantom X Lite is well balanced, powerful and fun for riders of all ages.

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Prodeco Stride R Marine Ready Electric Bicycle / e-Bike

The beautiful pure white gloss finish and contemporary style of the Prodeco Stride R make this Electric Bicycle / e Bike a standout.

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Prodeco Outlaw EX Marine Ready 2 Electric Bicycle

The sleek Prodeco Outlaw EX Electric Bicycle / E-Bike was created with you in mind. This impressive Charcoal Graphite Metallic ride has a street-legal limit of 20 mph.

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The Benefits of Electric Bicycles / E-bikes

E-Bikes make exercise easy! We are constantly encouraged to take on daily exercise regimes to help keep our bodies fit and healthy. With the opportunity to watch TV, or play video games, or even just sit online, it’s very easy to talk yourself out of going for a bike ride or just doing some exercise in general.

While many of us struggle to find the time to get to the gym due to work and life commitments, there are other ways that you can stay fit and healthy. One of the best ways to do that is by riding a bike. Commuting to and from work / school on a bicycle is a great way to keep yourself in good shape, as well as knowing you are doing the world a bit of good by conserving gas and cutting down on climate changing emissions.

However, many of us are not comfortable with the idea of riding a bike all day. It can be hard going and the fear of running out of energy and becoming stranded some place can put people off. But what if you were still able to work out, get the benefits of the work out, without having to deal with getting tired?

Welcome to the world of the electric bike!


An electric bicycle works just like a regular one, but you can avoid having that bucket of sweat pouring off you by the time that you get to work. You can turn the electric system on the bicycle on or off. So if you want a real workout simply turn the e-bike off. This is like riding an exercise bike in the house that actually moves you around, too. E-bikes are also a great way to travel and you can choose freely between exercising heavily and lightly.

The e-bike pedal assists will help you control your legs easier, and will stop you from getting any muscle strain or damages through exerting yourself too much. Simply put, an electric bicycle offers a huge improvement over your traditional riding bike – but where do you start with buying one?

You are probably aware of some of the better traditional bike manufacturers through years, but where do you start with an e-bike?

Prodeco is a popular manufacturer of electric bikes and e-bikes parts. Prodeco Bikes offer four unique e-bike series: the Storm, the Genesis, the Phantom and the Mariner Electric Bicycles. Each e-bike series has individual qualities that are more suited to specific types of landscape and people in general, so browse through our online Electric E-Bike store so you can get an idea of the different types of electric bicycles available to choose from.

Likewise, surface 604 e-bikes have similar features. They are linked to some of the biggest companies that work in the bicycle industry to produce simply incredible e-bikes.

Yike Bikes offer a unique design for a folding electric bike so it can be used to extend your travel as you can easily take it on a train, bus or even plane.

E-bikes have really exploded in the last few years in terms of popularity. If you have always wanted to hit the side of the road on your bike and make your way around by bike, e-bikes could be the perfect exercise / commuting solution that many people have been looking for!

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