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YikeBike - Synergy Electric E Bike White

The Standard Synergy Model offers the strength and affordability of carbon, alloy and composite materials.


12.7kg (27.0pounds)


Carbon fiber & composites

Top Speed:

23.0kmh (14.3mph)

Charge time:

4hrs using a standard 2Amp charger


1.5hrs using an optional 5Amp fast charger


14km (approx.) (8.7miles (approx.))


Note: Range can be extended with optional extender battery packs.

Electricity Cost:

US$0.05 each charge (approx.)

Max power output:

200Watts(maximum continuous power output)


Electric Brushless DC motor

Height recommendations:

Between 155cm to 193cm


Between 5"1 inches to 6"4 inches

User weight limit:

100kg (220lbs)


Electric anti-skid, regenerative


High-visibility built in LED (The lights are on whenever the YikeBike is switched on)

Fold size:

Compact 43litres

Fold time:

15 - 20seconds


Lithium Ion Manganese

Yike Bikes - Folding Electric E-Bikes

The YikeBike goes wherever you need to go, folding up to such a small size the YikeBike can be used to extend your commute from a car, train, bus or plane. You’ll never have to worry about locking your investment to a bike rack again, just take the YikeBike with you.

Winner of the world’s Guinness of Records as

"The most compact Electric Bike".

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