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ebici Electric Bikes
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Please Note: Bionx Electric E-Bike Conversion Kits and Electric E-Bike Parts have a one year warranty.

Ride Faster. Ride Farther. Ride BionX™

BionX e-bike systems make it easy for you to turn nearly any bicycle into a powerful and efficient electric bike. Our goal is to get more people to consider leaving the car at home, so BionX e-bike systems help you do more on your bicycle than you ever thought possible. Want to commute to work in the morning without breaking a sweat? Or maybe an electric assist to help you conquer that next hill? How about some extra power to help you haul some groceries home from the store? Or maybe you’d just like to ride longer and farther on your weekend trail ride? BionX systems don’t change the way your bike functions. The system is designed to work with you as you pedal, giving you proportional electric assist when and where you need it.

Want a really great workout? All BionX systems come with generate mode, which gives you resistance as you pedal and charges your battery at the same time.

With BionX, every day is a new reason to ride!

Download the BionX Electric Bike Conversion Kit Brochure.

Bionx E-Bike Conversion Kit PL350M RR M White Console

The BionX S 350 RL Electric Bike Conversion Kit won't really take you to another galaxy but with a range of up to 50 miles, it sure will feel like it. The new 2014 system helps with Proportional assist with 4 levels that help give you a safe, natural feeling and with a 4 lb weight savings over the older rear rack systems you'll know that you won't be held down.
Description Range*: 60km (37 mi.)

Battery: Li-Ion / 37V / 6.4 Ah / 237 Wh

Torque (Nom./Max.): 9/40Nm (6.6./29.5 lb.-ft.)

Weight (System): 9.3kg (20.5 lb.)

Assist Levels: 35, 75, 150, 300

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